Supporto Paracadute MARS 58 per DJI Inspire

Supporto Paracadute MARS 58 per DJI Inspire MARS-INSPIRE

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Rivenditori Autel Robotics

Rivenditori Autel Robotics

MARS 58 Inspire 1 Mount Kit

Supporto Paracadute MARS 58 per DJI Inspire

MARS 58 Inspire 1 Mount Kit
Debuted as one of the most ground breaking multi rotors to grace the skies above, the DJI Inspire 1 is a game changer, providing levels of sophistication, capability & elegance never seen before. Purpose built and packed with avionics that belong within modern day fighter aircraft, the Inspire 1 exudes elegance & sophistication at a cost few can afford. Simply put, this aircraft begs for a backup when things go wrong, and with the team at MARS, an elegant solution awaits, providing a level of safety every Inspire 1 needs when taking flight above.

Paired with the robust MARS 58 V2 ballistic parachute system, the team at MARS spent countless hours developing a functional & elegant mount for the Inspire 1 without compromising the function or design of this layered & complex machine. This design is not only purpose built, but looks at home with the Inspire 1 - adding the necessary safety & security this aircraft deserves.

Constructed of high strength, light weight carbon fiber, the Inspire 1 mount installs at the aft end of the Inspire, tilted back for optimum parachute clearance & deployment. Simplistic & minimalistic, the system clears all working objects of the Inspire 1, allowing this complex craft to work as it should - all while being tucked away in an aerodynamic profile that negates any flight quality problems of the Inspire 1 system.

Paired perfectly with the ballistic capability of the MARS 58 V2 system, this tried and true ballistic parachute is designed to handle the weight of the Inspire 1 via a massive 58" parachute canopy, providing a safe touchdown that will spare you thousands. With an aircraft of this size and weight, the Inspire 1 mounting system is as crucial as your propellers, providing an element of safety & security that will pay for itself dozens of times over with the 1st deployment you make.

With the MARS 58 Inspire 1 mounting system in place, every flight takes on a new level of purpose, minimizing risk to the smallest degree. No longer do you need to fear a mechanical failure that is 100% crippling with a quad copter design. With the Inspire 1 mounting system, your level of confidence will fly as high as the Inspire, protecting your investment above, and everyone below. 

- High Strength, Light Weight Carbon Fiber Design
- Designed Specifically for the DJI Inspire 1
- Elegant, Practical & Purposeful
- Developed & Designed with the MARS 58 Parachute 
System (Sold Separately)
- Easy to Install w/ All hardware Included
- "Mayday" Auto Deployment Ready
- Compact, Minimalistic Design
- Located Aft for Maximum Aerodynamics
- (1) Year Manufacturer Warranty

(1) MARS 58 Inspire 1 Mounting System
(1) Hardware Mounting Package

(1) MARS 58 V2 Ballistic Parachute System

Optional Item:
(1) "Mayday" Northern UAV Auto Deployment System
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