SkyRC e4QSK-100140 Multi Charger

SkyRC e4QSK-100140 Multi Charger
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SkyRC e4QSK-100140 Multi Charger
Quattro is Efficiency and Economical
Having to recharge your LiPo batteries individually in order to power your drone can be such a tedious approach because you might have to wait for many hours before they are all full.
With E4Q, 4 different cells(2-4) batteries at the same time by the four independent ports.

This product is a special LiPo battery balance plug charger, which can charge 2S/3S/4S LiPo battery in 4 channals simultaneously. The main power supply is DC input, the port adopts XT60 type, the output port adopts special design interface, and the three kinds of batteries do not need Transfer board. Can be plugged in directly.


DC Input: 11-26.1V
Charge Circuit Power: 4 x 50W ±10%
Charging model: balance charging
Charge Current Range: 2A/3A/5A
Charge saturation voltage:4.20V±0.02V/CELL
Balance current :Max 400mA/CELL

Working and Storage
Working environment
Operating temperature 0℃-40℃
Operating humidity 0%-75%
Storage environment
storage temperature -10℃-70℃
Storage humidity 0%-75%

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Ulteriori informazioni
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