Mars Mini Supporto per Phantom 3

Mars Mini Supporto per Phantom 3 MARS-PHANTOM

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Rivenditori Autel Robotics

Rivenditori Autel Robotics

Phantom 3 Mini Mounting Plate
Mars Mini Supporto per Phantom 3

Phantom 3 Mini Mounting Plate

Designed for the most popular Phantom aircraft to date, MARS brings the perfect aerial safety solution to the quad copter world, providing the safety & security every Phantom 3 pilot could want when it comes to the DJI Phantom 3 series.

Developed & designed specifically for the Phantom 3 series, MARS held back nothing by offering a ballistic parachute solution that introduces an entirely new twist to the Phantom 3, offering an all new deployment method when it's needed the absolute most.

With this Phantom 3 solution, MARS has developed a downward trajectory parachute deployment that allows the props to be cleared when the chute is deployed. Further, this system utilizes a 15 degree tilt to clear the landing gear, all the while offering the best ballistic deployment that will bring your Phantom home, safe and sound.

By utilizing this system with the tried and true MARS MINI V2, the Phantom 3 takes on an all new level of safety, capability & security - allowing you as the pilot to fly with confidence due to the safety of ballistic chute technology.

No matter what aerial tasks are accomplished with your Phantom 3, equip your Phantom 3 with a system that is purpose built to save the day. Combined with the MARS MINI V2, this system will pay for itself five times over and more with the very 1st deployment that is made, sparing your sanity while your Phantom descends in ballistic parachute style.

DJI Phantom 3 Series - Standard, Advanced & Professional


(1) MARS MINI Phantom 3 Mounting System
(1) Hardware Package

(1) MARS MINI V2 Ballistic Parachute System

Optional Items:
(1) North UAV "Mayday" Auto Deployment System
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