SK-600053 SKYRC 14S 10A BEC

SK-600053 SKYRC 14S 10A BEC
SKU: SK-600053

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This new Battery Eliminator Circuit is using synchronous rectification method to withstand high current loads of 10Amps continuous integrated with a low voltage monitor. It provides safe and consistent power to your R/C receiver and servo(s) that eliminates the need for a separate battery source.

LiPo batteries are unlike other batteries and discharges on a non-linear curve, therefore it is important not to drain any LiPo batteries to minimum before charging as it can cause permanent damage. The SkyRC BEC can prevent this by giving you an indication of your LiPo battery when the pre-set low voltage level is reached . The SkyRC SUPER BEC is ideal for today's more demanding R/C aircrafts equipped with servos that require even higher current demands.

Compact high efficiency 5.2V 6.0V 6.8V 7.4V 8.4V selectable voltage regulator and low voltage monitor.
Ideal for 3-14 cell lithium polymer battery applications. Input voltage range from 10V Min to 60V Max.
High current capability of 10 Amps continuous, 15 Amp peak.
Protects against thermal and current overload(internal RED LED blinking).
Pin-Flag power switch with ultra bright super flux LED allows you to turn the BEC output power on or off remotely and gives low voltage warning.

Input: 3-14S LiPo (11.1 to 60Volt)
Output: 5.2V 6.0V 6.8V 7.4V 8.4V 10A@6V(Peak 15A@6V)
Adjustable Low Voltage Alarm Setup : 10-60V
Switch Type : Fail Safe(Fail-Safe-On) Pin-Flag Contactless Type
Size : 15.7mm(H) x 31mm(W) x 54mm(L) Weight : 45g (Excluding Cables)
Contents : Main Unit 1PC, Power Switch 1PC, Operating Manual 1PC
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