Radiolink AT10 II 10Ch transmitter GRAY with R12DS Receiver RADAT10II-GRAY

Radiolink AT10 II 10Ch transmitter GRAY with R12DS Receiver RADAT10II-GRAY
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Radiolink AT10 II 10Ch transmitter with R12DS Receiver

Performance Bargain
This is the new AT10 II from Radiolink, fully featured transmitter and receiver bundle offering the latest technology at an amazing price. Its dual antenna receiver offers an impressive maximum control range of up to 4km, perfect for professional aerial drones or FPV racing drones. It has 7 customisable channels ontop of the 5 standard and features a 3.5inch colour LCD for setup and telemetry information. Included in the kit is the R12DS 12 channel receiver and a PRM voltage monitor for returning telemetry data back to the transmitter.
Fully Featured
The new receiver features twin antennas utilising diversity technology for a maximum range of 4km. The AT10ii improves on the latency of its predecessor, now taking just 3ms for the 10 channels to respond synchronously! Multiple alarms can be set for transmitter voltage, reciever voltage and more to provide feedback without needing to take your eyes from the craft. It supports both SBUS AND PWM signal outputs simultaneously. Custom throttle and servo curves can be adjusted via the programmable mix control. The side micro USB port is reserved for firmware updates, available from the Radiolink website.
Real-time Telemetry
The transmitter's colour display can show signal strength, speed, throttle position, flight mode, GPS satellite connectivity, latitude and longitude, altitude, pitch, roll, yaw, distance from transmitter and much more. It also includes a RPM battery voltage telemetry sensor (the grey box pictured) which feedbacks voltage information from your battery into the receiver, which in turn sends the data for telemetry readout on the transmitter. This module weighs just 11g and measures 40mm x 2.7mm x 13mm.
Switchable Power
Like other Radiolink products, power can be provided by AA batteries, in this case 8 of them. But the battery holder can be unplugged via its JST plug leaving space for a LiPo battery. Better yet the power circuitry is protected, so plugging the JST connector of your transmitter battery in incorrectly will not cause a short circuit (simply remove and re-insert correctly). The transmitter consumes just 105mA in operation and has a mode switching power supply allowing it to support 2S-4S batteries. It is efficient with its power usage, you can expect 12hrs+ service from an 1800mAh 3S LiPo.
AT10 II Features
10 channel Mode 2 TX/RX package (channels 5-10 customisable)
Measures 180 x 95 x 220mm
Weighs just 950g
Range of up to 4km (environment dependant)
3.5 inch 320 x 480 pixel 16 colour display
SBUS, PPM and PWM support
Synchronous DSSS and FHSS for unmatched noise tolerance and 3ms latency for all channels
Improved battery life
Real-time data telemetry
Suppports SBUS, PWM and PPM
Programmable mixing control
USB port allowing for firmware upgrades
Multiple alarms for safety
Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz to 2483.5MHz)
Modulation mode: QPSK
Channel Bandwidth: 5Mhz
Spread Spectrum: DSSS and FHSS
Adjacent channel rejection: <100mW (20dBm)
Operating current: <105mA
Operating voltage: 7.4-15V
Compatible vehicles: all 120 degree and 90 degree swash-plate helicopters, fix wings, multirotors
Simulator mode: under the simulator mode, the transmitter will turn off and change to power saving mode
Includes R12DS and is further compatible with R6DS, R6DSM and R9DS
Manual included on mini-cd but also available online

In the Box
Radiolink AT10 II 10Ch transmitter
RadioLink R12DS Receiver
RadioLink PRM-01 Power Return Module For AT9 AT10
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