RM48001X M480L Multicopter Super Combo

RM48001X M480L Multicopter Super Combo
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RM48001X - M480L Multicopter Super Combo
After times of researches and development, Align R&D team dedicated all of its technical expertise and experiences into the development of a brand new aerial photography platform, to give birth to the brand new.


    <td width=  Moisture resistant shape at the pinnacle of power and beauty, industrial and structural design. Encompass stability control system, features light weight, strong payload, and long flight time. Superior in both high speed agility and static stability, this multi-purposed professional multicopter exceeds in all areas such as aerial photography or as leisurely sports flyer; yet its light weight allows for easy transport anywhere.

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    <td>The innovative streamlined moisture resistant canopy features screw-less quick latch mounting design that is easy, quick, and reliable. In addition, canopies with variety of multi-colored graphics are available for customization by enthusiasts.</td><br>



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Standard Equipment
— Multicopter Canopy x 1
— 7.5 Inch Main Rotor x 4 Sets
— External Status LED x 1
— Retract x 2
— BL4213(370KV) Brushless Motor x 4
— Multicopter Brushless ESC x 4
— PCU Power Control Unit x 1
— APS-M Multicopter Controller x 1
— Multicopter GPS Sensor x 1
— Airframe Diameter: 800mm
— Height: 430mm
— Main Blade Length: 190mm
— Main Rotor Diameter: 416mm
— Flying Weight(without battery): 2700g
Optional Equipment
— Bluetooth Device
— 7.5 Inch Carbon Main Rotor x4 sets
— 5,000~12,000mAh Li-Polymer Battery 6S
— G3 3 Axis Gimbal
— OSD+FPV Video Transmitter
— FPV Monitor

M480L Flight Parameters €“ With 5200mAh battery
Weight(w/o battery)       2700g Range of Load Current 1KG 20A
Takeoff Weight               3500g Range of Load Current 2KG 15A       Range of Load Current 3KG 38.3A

APS-M Flight Control System Introduction
— Brand new APS-M Flight Control System with superior performance through cutting edge information technologies, utilizing high precision sensors and modern system control subroutines. Support quad(4), hex(6), and octo(8) rotors. Flight modes include attitude, GPS velocity, GPS angular, intelligent, and manual. In addition, it features failsafe auto return home, low voltage failsafe (through LED indicator and auto Return Home), OSD signal output, gimbal control, and Point of Interest (POI) function.
— Compatible with PC and Bluetooth interface, could be easily adjust flight parameter and update firmware at any time.

APS-M Flight Control System Features
— Brand new APS-M flight control system with higher performance, precision sensors and superior reliability platform.
— APS-M supports 4, 6, and 8 rotors multicopters, with flight modes such as Manual, Attitude, GPS (angular), GPS (speed).
— Equipped with automatic return home function with remote activation ability from R/C transmitter. When RC transmitter signal is lost, multicopter will automatically fly back to home position.
— APS-M provides 3 intelligent flight modes: CFO, HCL, and POI.
— Provides real-time OSD flight data output function.
— RoHS certified.
— Compatible with PC and Bluetooth interface, could be easily adjust flight parameter and update firmware at any time.
— Also fully support with Futaba, Spektrum and JR S. BUS/S.BUS and DSM2/DSMX/DSMJ/DMSS system.
APS-M Flight Control System Specification
— Input Voltage:DC 4.5~8.4V
— Operating Current Consumption:<250mA @ 4.8V
— Operating Frequency: 400Hz
— Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 65°C
— Hovering Precision (Depending on Satellite Status): Horizontal ±1m Vertical ±1m
— Maximum Flight Speed: Horizontal 15m/sec Vertical 6m/sec
— Maximum Altitude Restriction: 700m(2297ft) above the takeoff point
— Maximum Angular Speed:
Aileron 115°/sec
Elevator 115°/sec
Rudder 145°/sec
— Maximum Tilting Angle: 30 degrees
— Supports External Peripherals: "G2/ G3 Gimbal OSD+FPV Video Transmitter "
— Supports Multicopter Configurations: "4 rotors +, 4 rotors X, 6 rotors +, 6 rotors X, 8 rotors +, 8 rotors X."
— Dimension: 49x34.3x20mm
PCU Power Control Unit
— Input Voltage: 13.2V~25.2V(4S~6S Li-Po)
— Operating Frequency: 500KHz
— Dimension: 62x35x26mm
Motor ESC
— Input Voltage: 13.2V~25.2V(4S~6S Li-Po)
— Max Continuous Current: 40A
— Dimension: 74.2x27x12.7mm
BL4213 Motor 370KV(RPM/V)
— Input Voltage: DC 22.2V
— Max Continuous Current: 25A
— Max Continuous Power: 550W
— Stator Arms: 12
— Magnet Poles: 14
— Dimension/Weight: Ø4xØ52x33mm / 185g

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