Electric flybarless system KDS-Ebar KDS-EBAR

Electric flybarless system KDS-Ebar KDS-EBAR

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KDS EBAR 3-Axis Flybarless System w/ Program Box

2011-08-27: Release of the KDS EBAR, available now!

The KDS EBAR is the latest 3-axis flybarless system announced on the market this summer. With advanced and intelligent internal programming, it is absolutely easy to use for beginners, and also has excellent performance for experts. Our 3D Master said it is even better than the BeastX!

Product Description :
KDS-EBAR applies to 32 bit micro-controller with Super processing and operation ability
KDS-EBAR comes with high performance built-in gyro sensor. It can work for all 250 size to 700 size Nitro or EP powered rc helicopters.
KDS-EBAR supports traditional 90 degree swash, and 120 degree and 140 degree swash.
KDS-EBAR features built-in spinning correcting functions. When helicopter spins, and rotates tail, it will spin at a fixed point steadily, but not drift.
The functions of sensor inside KDS-EBAR are the same KDS900 gyro's; KDS-EBAR can work with narrow band 760us servos.
It is simple to set each parameter of KDS-EBAR in setup card attached, but no need computer.

Operating voltage: 4.8V-9V
Quiescent current: 50mA
Operating temperature: 20 degree ~45 degree
Operating humidness: 0%~80%
Dimention: 39*30*15mm (lenth x width x height)
Weight: 30g (with connecting wire)

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