e-STATION BC5 Charge current: 5.0A ECHBC5

e-STATION BC5 Charge current: 5.0A ECHBC5

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Noleggio Operativo GRENKE

Operating voltage DC 11-8 volts
NiCd-MH 1-14 cells
Li-ion-polymer 1-5 series
Pb 2-12V
Charge current 0.1 to 5.0A
Cell balancer up to 5 series Li-poly
Weight 350g
Dimension 130x90x28 mm
Micro-processor controlled charger with cell-balancer
BC-5 has the individual voltage balancer that is exactly identical with PB-5 for Li-poly battery inside.
BC-5 can charge Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Pb batteries too but it does not have discharge function.
Perfect balancing the Lithium batteies
It monitors the voltages of each cell during the charge process to equalize the peak voltage.
When the 'Balance charge' mode being performed, the balancing adapter should be connected to the balancing tab of battery pack, as well as the charger's charging lead should be connected to the output of battery pack.
And also, please pay attention to the polarity of the battery pack's output which goes to the charger's output. If it is reversed, the short-circuit can be happened on the battery pack.
Individual cell connectors for various type of Li-poly battery pack
BC-5 comes with a set of individual cell connectors to link with various type of Li-poly battery pack.
Temperature sensor
The processor monitors the temperature of the battery being charged during the process
For safety reason, the charger can stop the process at high temperature by your set up
Back-light LCD screen
You can adjust the brightness of LCD display
Robust outer aluminum case
High-quality aluminum case is durable and very efficient to cool out the internal heat
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