SAXBSM-2940-3500 Brushless motor (BSM) 3500KV

SAXBSM-2940-3500 Brushless motor (BSM) 3500KV
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The Savox BSM2940 3500KV 450 class Brushless Outrunner Motor keeps your RC helicopter flying 
high while cooling itself down. 
The machined aluminum housing with 6 angled cooling ports and an internal cooling fan allow Savox 
out runner motors to pump air through the motor, giving you a 10% drop in temperature over other 
popular brands. Agile and fast, the brushless motors facilitate sharp moves in your flying experience. Weight = 71g.

• Unique cooling system design patented by Savox.
• Precision wound with machine accuracy.  
• Durable black Electro-Coat finish on the flux ring.
• High-tech laser etched logos and item numbers to better maintain balance of the motor. 
               No stickers or decals throwing off your tick-tock! 
• Top quality stator plates are epoxy coated on the inner surface to prevent winding shorts. 
               The stator plates are .020mm in diameter. 
• Premium shielded ball bearings are used to support the shaft in all motors.
• Superior temperature range - 180 C (356 F) rated wire is used to help prevent burning up 
               the motor in long pattern flights. 
• Adhesives designed to withstand high temperatures are used to secure the stator windings 
               and prevent them from shifting, pinching, or shorting out.     

1. Rated Voltage          11.1 V
2. Voltage Range             2-4 S
3. No-load current             2.7 Amps
4. Max. Continuous Power     538 Watts
5. Max. Continuous Current    51 Amps
6. Terminal Resistance            19mΩ
7. KV Motor KV (No Load)   3500 KV
8. Pole                    10 P
9. Slot                    12 N
10. Motor Weight            71 g
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