BL700H High Voltage Brushless Servo HSL70001

BL700H High Voltage Brushless Servo HSL70001
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BL700H High Voltage Brushless Servo HSL70001
Utilizes brushless motor design for fast speed, high efficiency. And with the absence of brush wear, the longevity of servo is greatly increased.
Supports 7.4v high voltage to provide optimal speed and torque performance of the brushless servo.
Designed specifically for helicopters, with highest specifications on the market: 0.065sec/60°ultra fast speed and 20kg-cm monstrous torque, allowing helicopter to perform with faster and higher precision.
Ultra high 12 bits signal resolution for excellent precision and smoothness.
Hardened high strength superalloy gears that increase the lifetime.
Aluminum alloy mid case construction for instantaneous heat dissipation, maintaining servo's high efficiency.
Supports both analog and digital control signals.
Suitable for T-Rex 550/600/700 cyclic and rudder use.

Motion speed:0.085sec/60°(6.0V)
Rating voltage:DC 4.8-7.4V
Temperature range:-20°C?+60°C
Dimension:40.3 x 20.1 x 38.7mm
Servo rudder piece x 4
Set screw x 1
Rubber damper x 4
Brass grommet x 4
Tapping screw for servo x 4

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