Telemetria completa per Barche 91011003

Telemetria completa per Barche 91011003
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Telemetria completa per Barche
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Wireless Telemetry & Advanced Data Recording for Boats
Find out what's happening on the Water!
Whether your boats are nitro, electric, or gas, with our Boat Data Acquisition products, you can stop guessing about your boat's performance and condition, and find out what's happening on your vehicle, after the run or in real time! Simple to set up and operate, our complete systems install easily to provide recorded and wireless real time data at your fingertips!
The Seagull Boat Telemetry system (patent pending) has 3 main components:
* Seagull Dashboard Telemetry Receiver - this unit displays telemetry data, and sounds alarms when problems occur.
* Onboard Boat Data Recorder - this unit collects the data from built-in and external sensors.
* Onboard Telemetry Transmitter - this unit sends the data from the Recorder to the Dashboard
These components let your monitor your model in 3 different ways:
* The Dashboard displays the parameters you select, on multiple LCD pages, and also lets you program alarm levels for sounding alerts, i.e., low battery voltage.
* The Dashboard also can connect (via built-in USB) to your laptop at the lake, to display and record data with our PC Virtual Dashboard software.
* The onboard Data Recorder logs your sessions to permanent memory, so you can download the data to your PC via USB when you get home.
All hardware and software is included to monitor airspeed (with included pitot-static tube), RPM, temperature, 2 servo stick movements and glitches, and receiver battery voltage.
Do you need even more data? Our Seagull Telemetry system is fully expandable, with a whole host of additional sensors, available below. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with additional sensors:
* Monitor your electric power system with our Electric Expanders. These units measure power consumption with a small ring that is placed over one of your battery wires. No need to add an inline sensor!
* Display your boat's path on Google Earth, either live at the lake or downloaded later, with the GPS Expander.
* Monitor your Spektrum or JR Receiver's RF performance in real time, with our Spektrum FlightLog cable.
* Monitor your boat's hull forces our Dual Axis G-Force Expander
* Measure your Gas/Nitro motor's exhaust with our
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