Telemetria completa per Car RC 91011002

Telemetria completa per Car RC 91011002
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Noleggio Operativo GRENKE

Telemetria completa per Car RC
sistema di trasmissione opzionale ( display in tempo reale )

Seagull Wireless Car Dashboard System Features
* Includes Recorder with features described in the righthand column
* Operates at 900MHz spread spectrum (FCC certified version) or 433MHz (EU version - check local regulations)
* FCC version has 200 mWatt output power for one+ mile range (probably much more) - compare this to the very low power output of other systems on the market.
* Fully compatible with all known car and truck systems - no need to replace your existing electronics.
* Onboard components weigh only an ounce or two (depending on model and accessories), TOTAL. Other systems weigh much more.
* Small self-contained LCD Telemetry receiver attaches simply to your radio, or is monitored by your pit crew. No laptop needed at field!
* On-board components are powered from your receiver battery - other systems require heavy, cumbersome batteries to worry about.
* 65536 unique transmission IDs (programmable) means collision problems are extremely unlikely at your site.
* Fully programmable audible alerts can be set on data parameters.
* Dashboard is a USB peripheral: plug the receiver into your laptop while to get full screen live display and unlimited recording on your laptop!
* Ultra-light stainless whip antennas.
* Full support for English and Metric units
Data Transmitted to the Seagull Receiver
Here's a partial list of the data that can be displayed on the Seagull Wireless Dashboard.
* Servo movements: The Seagull will display positions of up to two servos, with settable user friendly names on the LCD.
* Receiver Battery Voltage: The Seagull will display your receiver's battery voltage
* Speed: The Seagull displays the speed of your model with each sample.
* RPM: The Seagull displays the RPM of your model's motor.
* Temperature: The Seagull displays up to two channels of temperature.
* Optional Accessories: Optional expanders for measuring G-Force, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Electric Motor Current/Voltage, and other parameters are available from Eagle Tree Systems. All data from these expanders is compatible with Seagull Packages.

USB Car Data Recorder Features
* Standard system includes everything to record speed, RPM, temperature, 2 servo channel movements and glitches, and receiver voltage
* All data is logged to permanent memory, which retains the data even when the power is removed
* With accessories available below, monitor amps, pack volts, g-force, EGT, and more!
* • Logged channels: 11
* USB Live Mode for real time bench monitoring
* USB Plug and Play - No new drivers needed!
* Fully Compatible with Windows Vista, 98SE, ME, Win2K and XP
* Lightweight - approx 1.5 ounces with unit and cables
* Full support for English and Metric units
* Simple and quick installation and removal
* Retains data without battery
* Graphical playback in real time
* Excel compatible data output
* Ultra-low power consumption - around 35 mA
* Built-in status LED indicates battery level on power-up
* Adjustable capture rate
* Powerful built-in graphing
* Expansion port for future enhancements
* NEW: now has 4X the onboard memory of the original recorders, with lossless data compression, for much longer storage time.
* NEW: increased voltage and current accuracy
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