H50123 500 3G Programmable Flybarless System/Black

H50123 500 3G Programmable Flybarless System/Black
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Il Kit comprende anche il sistema elettronico Flynar less di Align 

3-axis gyroscopic flybarless system to simulate the stability of mechanical flybar system, yet at the same time achieving agile 3D performance.
Utilizes Silicon Micro Machine (SMM) sensors for excellent stability.
12 bit processors providing ultra high resolution, resulting in highly precise controls
Software upgradable through PC interface adapter
(sold separately)
Simplistic setup process without the need of external devices. Setup is done through 5 steps and 2 sensitivity adjustments. Rudder setup is identical to

GP780 gyro, minimizing learning curve.
Flybarless system dramatically improves 3D power output and efficiency, resulting in reduced fuel or electricity consumption.
Highly sensitive gyroscopic sensors combined with advanced control detection routine providing higher hovering and aerobatic stability than other

flybarless system.
Suitable for all CCPM and mechanical mixing system.
Comaptible with helicopter of all sizes from T-Rex 250 to T-Rex 700.
Innovative Pitch Gau as an aid to facilitate pitch adjustments.
High frame rate signal output for faster and higher precision servo response.
Capable to operate between 4.5V to 8.4V, compatible with high voltage servos.
Small footprint, light weight, minimalists and reliable design.

Suitable Voltage Range:DC 4.5~8.4V
Current Comsumption:<80mA @ 4.8V
Flip and Roll rate detection speed: :±300degrees/sec
Rudder rate detection speed:±500degrees/sec
Sensor resolution: 12bit
Operating temperatur:0?~65?
Operating humidity:0%~95%
RoHS certified
Control box:42x26.5x14.5mm
Control box:16g

Main Rotor head Set x1
Flybarless control unit x1
Flybarless Sensor x1
Screw bag x1
Linkage rod A x2
Linkage ball A x2
Head Stopper x1
Mixing base assembly x1
Pitch Gauge x1
Signal extension wire 100mm x1
Signal extension wire 220mm x1
Sensor mounting foam x2
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